Why the Program?

Ross Rosenberg receives hundreds of psychotherapy and referral requests a month, all desperately seeking help for Self-Love Deficit Disorder (SLDD). Except for local clients who he refers to his trained and supervised Clinical Care Consultants counseling center staff, he has had to decline most requests for help. This “problem” is the impetus of the Certification of Self Love Deficit Disorder Treatment Program. With a larger network of trained and certified psychotherapists, more people can receive help for their SLDD. Having a hub of CSLDD’s will create referral opportunities for both clients and psychotherapists – a win-win for both!

The Goals of the Program

The goal of the CSLDD Program is to train and certify psychotherapists in a theoretical and treatment model that transforms (saves) lives. Through the CSLDD Program, a referral hub (network) will be created, which will connect like-minded and like-trained psychotherapists for the purpose of collegial support, problem solving, and consultation. In addition, the CSLDD professional hub will enable thousands of people throughout the world who need help to recover from SLDD and achieve Self-Love Abundance (SLA).

Program Summary

This unique one of a kind certification program provides opportunities for education, coaching, mentoring and clinical supervision by the creator of the “Human Magnet Syndrome,” “Codependency Cure,” and “SLDD Recovery” theories, explanations, and treatment methods.

Ross, an international expert on Self-Love Deficit Disorder (codependency), Pathological Narcissism, Trauma Resolution, Sex Addiction, and other addictions, will provide the one on one training and supervision. Through an intensive training, mentoring and supervision experience, the CSLDD candidate will learn about the concepts, theories, and psychotherapy techniques that will fill the “toolbox” needed to resolve SLDD and achieve SLA – the “Self-Love Deficit Cure.”

The program is comprised of 20 structured training sessions, 10 clinical supervision sessions, and access to SLRI’s complete video seminar library, which is constantly being updated. Also included is a signed copy of The Human Magnet Syndrome (HMS) book, a PDF of its second edition (unpublished), a PDF of the HMS’s Spanish edition, email access to Ross Rosenberg, and 24/7 access to Ross for client crises.

Group consultation services will be arranged once the program has accrued 5 participants. A fee of $60 an hour is not included in the program agreement.

Application Requirements

  1. Complete the CSLDD application form with a processing payment of $150.
  2. Master’s degree or higher from a mental health, counseling, addiction or psychotherapy related focus program.
  3. Submit resume and a cover letter answering the following questions:
    • For what purpose are you seeking the certification?
    • How do you want to utilize the certification?
    • Summarize relevant work history.
    • Have you struggle with SLDD? If so, briefly describe your status/recovery.
    • What will make you an exceptional CSLDD treatment provider?
  4. Submit educational transcripts.
  5. Read “The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us” in its entirety.
  6. Personal experience in psychotherapy (as a client).
  7. A 30-minute Skype or face-to-face interview with Ross Rosenberg.
  8. SLRI’s application approval, which is rendered following the submission of all materials and the interview.

Program Package:

  1. Twenty 45-minute one on one training sessions with Ross Rosenberg.
  2. Ten 45-minute supervision sessions (following the training sessions) with Ross Rosenberg.
  3. Group consultation when program reaches 5 candidates. Fee is separate from program package.
  4. Five 55-minute group sessions (with other CSLDD candidates).
  5. Signed copy the Human Magnet Syndrome.
  6. PDF copy of HMS Spanish edition.
  7. PDF copy of the unpublished 2nd edition of HMS. (not to be distributed or sold)
  8. Access to all video content available on SLRI’s website.
  9. A certification certificate (if final exam is passed).

Payment Schedule

  • Total fee is $7,500.
  • $2,500 advanced/down payment (covers first 10 trainings sessions).
  • Advanced payment of $1,000 for blocks of 4 sessions.


  1. No show or late cancellations (less than 24 hours advanced notice) are charged at the same rate as the session ($200).
  2. The CSLDD certification does not qualify a person to provide any form of direct psychotherapy services; it only certifies a person’s mastery of Rosenberg’s SLDD concepts and treatment methods.
  3. Training and supervision appointments are subject to Ross’s availability, which is limited to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 8am to 5pm.
  4. Group consultation meetings will occur only after 5 CLSDD candidates agree to participate.
  5. Following the program, ongoing supervision at $250 an hour/$210 for 45 minutes may be available, but is not guaranteed.
  6. SLRI reserves the right to accept or decline applications to the program.
  7. SLRI reserves the right to terminate participation at any time. Any unused funds will be returned at a pro-rated rate.