DOWNLOAD – The Human Magnet Syndrome: Understanding The Codependent/Pathological Narcissist Relationship (5.5 Hours)

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This is the long-awaited update to Ross Rosenberg’s breakthrough seminar that was given in 27 states/60 cities in a two-year period and was the basis for his highly acclaimed best-selling book, “The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us.” The seminar has already changed the lives of tens of thousands, who fall prey to narcissistic abuse.

It will undoubtedly rock the world of any person who believes they are a codependent and who is perpetually seduced by pathological narcissists. This seminar will resonate to the codependent who keeps falling in love with harmful narcissists, who in the beginning seems like the soulmate of their dreams, but later becomes the “cell mate” of their nightmares. The life-changing nature of this seminar (and the book), is best summed up by the following endorsements.

“We’ve all been in situations that weren’t right for us – or at the very least we know people who are stuck where they don’t want to be. HUMAN MAGNET SYNDROME explains why that is – using sound psychological principles – and how to get out of those defeating situations. It’s truly a life-changing bible for anyone who wants to break that cycle and experience freedom from co-dependency. I’ve personally recommended it to many of my clients because of the solid advice within it.”

Rebecca Rosenblat, Author, TV Show Host, Psychotherapist, Educator, Sex and Relationship Disorders Expert.

“Born in the cauldron of personal experience of suffering and healing, and honed through years of professional experience, this book will help anyone understand the attractors of love and consequent suffering. I recommend it to couples who are mystified by the depth and repetition of their pain, and to therapists whose destiny is to help them.”

Harville Hendrix, PhD, national couples counseling expert, and author or New York Best-Selling book, Getting The Love You Want.”

Expect to learn why pathological narcissists and codependents are perpetually and inevitably drawn to each other. The attraction dynamic is so strong that both partners pursue each other despite therapeutic intervention, multiple failed relationships and painful consequences.  This seminar investigates the irresistible relationship compulsion that draws codependents and narcissists, exquisitely well-balanced opposite personality types, together.

Pathological Narcissism is thoroughly discussed (Borderline, Narcissistic and Antisocial Personality Disorders), as well as with the cause of both codependency and Pathological Narcissism.  The training is not only full of entertaining media, anecdotes and professional and personal examples. It will provide the eye opening experience that all codependents need in order to know what has become of them, why they are frozen in toxic relationships, and what keeps them locked out of healthy ones.


  1. Codependency redefined
  2. Codependency’s New Name: “Self-Love Deficit Disorder”
  3. Codependency Categories: Active and Passive Codependency
  4. Codependency Subtypes:  Alpha Codependent & Codependency Anorexia
  5. Understanding “Relationship Math”
  6. Explaining Borderline, Narcissistic and Antisocial Personality Disorders
  7. The Human Magnet Syndrome Theory
  8. Learning why codependents keep falling in love with the wrong person, who feels so right, but ends up being so hurtful.
  9. The Continuum of Self Theory – Understanding magnetic attraction through simple math and a compelling new theory
  10. Codependency Addiction – The reason for such high “relapse” rates of codependents trying to “quit” their pathological narcissists
  11. The biology of lust, attraction and companionate love
  12. The origins (developmental pathway) of codependency
  13. The origins of the Pathological Narcissism Disorders
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