Ross Rosenberg's 2-Day Live Seminar (July 13-14, 2019)

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Friday July 13 and Saturday July 14
Continental breakfast will be served
$200.00 (1 day)
$340.00 (2 days)

Attachment Trauma Integration and Healing

Stages 4 and 5 of Rosenberg’s Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program

This seminar is an indispensable element of Rosenberg’s “Codependency Cure™, his follow-up to his Human Magnet Syndrome work.  Healing the inner trauma child (HITC) technique is the primary treatment approach that resolves codependency, or what Rosenberg refers to as Self-Love Deficit Disorder (SLDD).  You will learn about psychological trauma of all types, especially the type responsible for SLDD – attachment trauma.  The “Trauma Continuum,” will explain all forms and levels of trauma, as well as the factors impacting the severity of it.  The origins of trauma, as well as how it is stored in the human brain, will be discussed.  An explanation will be given for how the human psyche and the brain processes and manages severe trauma, and why it becomes consciously inaccessible through various forms of disassociation.  The methods of trauma resolution and integration – “Paleopsychotherapy” and HITC will be introduced and illustrated.  Case examples and video illustrations will also be presented.

For the very first time, Ross Rosenberg, M. Ed., LCPC, CADC, CSAT presents the complete version of his one of a kind “Healing the Inner Trauma Child (HITC)” psychotherapy method.  HITC was developed over Rosenberg’s 31 year psychotherapy career.  It is an indispensable element of his “Codependency Cure™,” “Self-Love Deficit Disorder™,” and “Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program” work, on which his next book is based.

HITC is an amalgam of various psychological theories and treatment methods that, over time, became the primary treatment approach that has consistently been used to resolve/integrate the trauma responsible for codependency, or what Rosenberg refers to as Self-Love Deficit Disorder (SLDD).  Although developed independently, it parallels the pioneering trauma treatment contributions of Besser van der Kolk and Peter Levine.  Like Rosenberg’s best-selling Human Magnet Syndrome books (80K sold/6 languages) and his “Codependency Cure” work, he re-packages complicated clinical material so that it can be both easily understood and applied in a clinical setting, while also having extraordinary value to the layperson. 

You will learn why SLDD/codependency treatment historically has poor clinical outcomes with high incidents of relapses.  Explanations will be presented for why the mental-health and recovery fields simply do not know what SLDD/codependency is, and therefore, have been ineffectively treating its symptoms and not its root cause. In this training, Rosenberg introduces a ground-breaking explanation for why Self-Love Deficit Disorder/SLDD™ (codependency) is a trauma disorder, and how it can only be successfully treated with trauma-specific clinical mental-health treatment. 

“Trauma Continuum” explains the full range of trauma possibilities.  This training will present trauma severity factors, trauma memory subtypes, how and why the brain processes and stores trauma.  In addition, trauma integration, and, of course the HITC Trauma resolution/integration method will be demonstrated. 

Through use of “The Self-Love Defect Disorder and Self-Love Abundance Pyramids,” the underlying psychological dynamics are explained for both the problem and its solution.  By understanding that the HITC treatment method resolves SLDD Addiction, Pathological Loneliness, Core Shame, and of course, Attachment Trauma.  With the core constituents of the problem solved, the group of symptoms formerly known as “codependency,” then disappear.

Because this treatment technique is the primary challenge and focus of Stage 7 of the “Ten Stage Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program,” much attention will be devoted to its understanding and implementation.  In addition, various topics relating to psychological trauma, PTSD, CPTSD will be presented.  

By understanding the root causes of SLDD and learning about the trauma-psychotherapy technique that resolves it, mental health practitioners and the general public will understand how and why the Ten Stage Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program and its trauma resolution/integration focus is the only way to resolve SLDD while reaching “The Codependency Cure™. 

This seminar is not only beneficial for various helping professions, but holds equal value to a general audience, who can bring this information back to their psychotherapists and have a better idea on who to seek for effective mental health treatment. Considering most mental-health practitioners and other helping professions struggled with their own SLDD, this training will resonate and have deep emotional impact on them. 

Subjects Presented:

  1. How and why Self-Love Deficit Disorder is an Attachment Trauma disorder
  2. PTSD, CPTSD and Attachment Trauma
  3. Why PTSD, CPTSD, and Attachment Trauma are not the same
  4. The what’s and why’s of disassociation
  5. What so many current psychotherapists don’t know about trauma
  6. The Trauma Continuum - the impact of resilience versus vulnerability
  7. Trauma severity factors
  8. Evolution’s failure in the brain’s processing of trauma  
  9. Paleopsychotherapy: Unearthing Trauma Fossils
  10. Trauma’s neuro-biological processes
  11. Trauma Addiction – Hurt Locker Phenomenon
  12. Gaslighting’s impact on dissociated trauma
  13. Repetition Compulsion
  14. Attachment trauma memory types (systems)
  15. Substance Abuse and addictions impact on trauma
  16. Trauma integration and why does it work?
  17. The HITC Trauma Resolution/Integration Method
  18. Forgiveness is choice, not a mandate


In this seminar, you will learn how and why people with SLD’s - Self-Love Deficients - consistently and predictably fall victim to narcissistic abuse, and why it is nearly impossible to escape the vice-like grip Pathological Narcissists have over them.  Not only is Stage Four: “Preparing for the Narcissistic Storm,” essential to this Rosenberg’s Ten Stage Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program, it is essential to the success to the most difficult of all stages – Stage 5: Setting Boundaries in a Hostile Environment. 

Stage 4 proactively prepares the SLD to succeed and overcome the debilitating and frozen nature of their SLDD and their narcissistic adversaries.  Its primary purpose is to empower, educate, and guide an embattled and often gaslit SLD so that they are prepared for the most difficult and consequential challenge of their life: to escape narcissistic abuse and to neutralize their unconscious and predictable patterns of self-sabotage.  In this stage of treatment, a therapist teaches their SLD client a great deal of information about the struggles caused by SLDD, as well as those caused by his/her partner’s pathological narcissism - and how they interact. 

Stage 4 is all about strategy, awareness of self, awareness of others, mind and emotional control and its primary process: “predictive awareness.”  It is defined as the ability to accurately predict the pathological narcissist’s reactions and countermeasures to the SLD’s increased mental health and their attempts to set and maintain boundaries.  It prepares the SLD for the fight of a lifetime, that is completely possible to “win” with minimal harm.  Power, control, and manipulative strategies employed by Pathological Narcissists will be discussed, especially the ones that predictably render SLD’s powerless to escape the relationship.  Such will include induced conversation, false power syndrome, gaslighting, triangulation, Parental Alienation Syndrome, and many others.

To successfully complete this Stage, psychotherapy clients are taught how to prepare for and neutralize their narcissist(s) potentially debilitating stealthy engagement strategies.  For the sake of safety and the long-term viability of Self-Love Recovery, SLDs are taught the interactional mechanics and consequences of placing boundaries on narcissists.  Such knowledge and skills protect SLD’s by facilitating a calm, rational and emotionally detached reaction to the angry narcissist’s predictable attempts at punishment and control.  The client is given an indispensable “tool kit” while being taught “SLR Chess Strategies,” which enable the SLD to predict what will happen when they remove themselves from a toxic environment, so they are able to plan accordingly.  Without this proactive, educational and supportive treatment stage, failure, relapse and/or psychological harm will predictably befall the SLD. 

The Observe, Don’t Absorb (ODA) Technique enables SLDs to safely disconnect from, and set boundaries with, pathological narcissists. ODA is a set of defensive tools and strategies that can neutralize the pathological narcissist’s tactics.  The world-wide connection to ODA is amply demonstrated by the more than one million views of Rosenberg’s video on the topic. 

Subjects Presented:

  1. Overview of The Human Magnet Syndrome
  2. Ten Stage Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program
  3. Stage Four: Preparing for the Narcissistic Storm
  4. Pathological Narcissism
  5. Five Narcissistic Personality Disorders subtypes
  6. Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome
  7. Gaslighting
  8. Stockholm Syndrome
  9. Parental Alimentation Syndrome
  10. Predictive Awareness – winning the “chess match” with a narcissist
  11. Seeking a qualified attorney
  12. False Power Syndrome
  13. Triangulation and other passive aggressive and/or covert harm
  14. Neutralize gaslighting
  15. The Observe Don’t Absorb (ODA) method
  16. ODA Fantasy Defense Techniques

This is the Stage when the “stuffhits the fan.” This stage will teach the prepared SLD (recovering codependent) how to move confidently forward in their plan to escape narcissistic abuse and move closer to self-love abundance.  It is the pivotal Stage when the SLD is confident, prepared, and appropriately frightened or nervous with their well-studied and rehearsed plan to set boundaries with people, who by definition (and diagnosis), are going to resist and fight back with every bit of their dysfunctional abilities. 

Setting boundaries in a hostile environment requires the execution of all what was learned in previous stages, especially in Stage 4.  With the previous stage’s lessons, information and understanding, SLD’s are sufficiently prepared for the potentially harmful and dangerous reactions of the angered and, more than likely, agitated and dangerous narcissist. Since being forewarned is forearmed, this stage begins with Rosenberg’s “Surgeon General’s Warning,” which prepares SLDs for the pathological narcissist’s angry and retaliatory reactions to their newfound boundary-setting abilities. SLDs will also have to prepare for potential consequences and harm, while accurately predicting the wholescale loss of friends, loved ones, or family members. 

SLD’s are prepared for the “extinction response” or a last-gasp effort to do almost anything to return the SLD back to his/her former trapped relationship role and dysfunctional mental health patterns.  Further disconnecting from the narcissist’s gaslighting and system manipulation is discussed.  Advanced mechanics of the Observe Don’t Absorb Technique are introduced along with how they connect to SLDD’s potential for relapse.

The primary focus of this stage is to safely and strategically set and maintain boundaries with the pathological narcissist.  This “earthquake” stage does not bury the SLD after successful completion of the previous stages.  Qualified, trained, and experienced psychotherapists help their SLD clients metaphorically peel the pathological narcissist’s fingers away from their throat. One boundary at a time, the SLD begins to insulate and protect themselves, while for the first time, getting a taste of self-love, self-respect and hope.

During Stage 5’s upheaval, the SLD either terminates their relationship with the pathological narcissist or the narcissist abandons ship. In either case, Stage 5 leaves few-to-no pathological narcissists “standing,” except those to whom the SLD has little choice but to remain connected - such as an elderly parent or a husband who controls the finances and/or children.  In Stage 5, the SLD is “the new sheriff in town,” who, by setting boundaries, is going to rid “their town” of the pathological narcissist “outlaws.”

The carefully executed uncoupling of the SLD/narcissist relationship, and the implementation of boundaries and safety measures, ensures the completion of this stage and the reaching of the next: “Maintaining Safe and Secure Boundaries,” which is the door way to the acquisition to “Self-Love Abundance“- the primary treatment goal of this Program. 

Subjects Presented:

  1. Stage Five: Setting Boundaries in A Dangerous Environment
  2. Maintaining strategies learned in Stage 4
  3. Finding a qualified psychotherapist
  4. Interaction of PTSD and attachment trauma
  5. The fireworks – setting boundaries
  6. Protection against narcissistic injuries
  7. Defending against Borderline Personality Disorder rage
  8. Defense against retaliation and/or retribution
  9. Proactively creating a safety net
  10. Cutting the gaslighting ties
  11. Protecting children
  12. Protecting finances
  13. Managing SLDD addiction: resisting urge to rebound
  14. Advanced “Observe Don’t Absorb” (ODA) strategies
  15. Induced Conversation – The narcissists most potent weopon
  16. 12-Step involvement
  17. The “Three Strike” boundary technique 
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