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This life-changing seminar incorporates content from Rosenberg’s upcoming book, “The Codependency Cure: Recovery from Self-Love Deficit Disorder,” and his best-selling book, “Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us.” Rosenberg’s ability to present complicated psychological theory in a manner that is logical, sensible, and down-to-earth, allows his material to resonate to both a general and professional audience.   Rosenberg’s latest theories, explanations and recovery techniques will forever change the codependency recovery communities. Finally, someone re-defines, re-shapes, and re-conceptualizes codependency and the treatment of it, so that people can finally recover from it – permanently!

While Rosenberg’s best-selling first book, The Human Magnet Syndrome, explained why codependents repeatedly and reflexively fall in love with people who hurt them, this seminar takes the next step of redefining the problem, while offering up an actual cure. This is a paradigm-busting seminar that represents the most modern and scientifically up-to-date thinking on the subject of codependency, that is backed by well known, respected, and validated psychological and addiction theory.

According to Rosenberg, “it is time to take the shame out of the name.” In other words, he addresses the stigma and shame behind a “codependency” diagnosis and the problem with term itself. He introduces the much needed replacement definition: “Self-Love Deficit Disorder SLDD. In addition, Rosenberg deconstructs codependency into fundamental components in order to demonstrate that it is actually a symptom of deeper psychological conditions, not a problem by itself. He demonstrates that codependency or SLDD is not an actual problem, but is a symptom of underlying childhood-based attachment trauma, manifesting like an addiction and perpetuated by agonizing pathological loneliness.

Rosenberg introduces his Observe Don’t Absorb Technique (ODA) that has taken the world by storm – the YouTube video has reached over 400,000 views! ODA is instrumental in neutralizing the destructive power Pathological Narcissists have over codependents/SLD’s. He will also explain his revolutionary Five Stage SLDD Recovery Technique and his Healing the Trauma Child therapy method.

This seminar promises to be like no other, as it will provide cutting-edge information and the tools to truly achieve codependency recovery, or the “codependency cure.”


  1. Self-Love Deficit Disorder (SLDD): Codependency’s replacement term, the concept and its treatment.
  2. Redefining & Expanding Codependency: “Passive & Active Codependency,” “Codependency Anorexia” and “Recovery-Induced Narcissism.”
  3. Codependency is a Trauma Disorder: Codependency is a symptom of deeper attachment trauma.
  4. Codependency is an Addiction: It starts like one, is maintained like one and shares similar withdrawal symptoms.
  5. Pathological Loneliness: Codependency’s insidious withdrawal symptom.
  6. The Trauma Continuum: Re-conceptualizing PTSD and its variations
  7. “Surgeon General’s” Warning Technique: Creates a foundation for successful codependency recovery.
  8. The 5 Stages of Codependency Recovery: The innovative recovery paradigm, accounting for SLDD and trauma recovery.
  9. The Observe Don’t Absorb Technique: Enables codependents to break free from the toxic control of emotional manipulators.
  10. Paleopsychotherapy & Recovering Trauma Fossils: A new paradigm for understanding childhood attachment trauma.
  11. Healing The Child Within Trauma Resolution Technique: Resolves the underlying trauma responsible for codependency.

Constance Thiros on 01/19/2017 07:22pm
Excellent training program. Mr. Ross Rossenberg offers exceptional insight into these problems.
Judi Garland on 01/18/2017 09:35am
I took Ross Rosenberg's Codependency Cure for both clinical and personal applications. The re-framing of Codependency as an expression of attachment trauma made bells ring and lights flash for me. A Self Love Deficit Disorder clearly underlies the inability to set healthy boundaries, toxic shame, and can explain attraction to Pathological Narcissists. This reframe of codependent behavior is a radically compassionate shift which can only make clients feel more understood and embraced while they do the difficult work of psychotherapy.
Personally, as a presenter, Ross comes across as very likeable and relatable. These qualities make the workshop and him easy to learn from. I would recommend this workshop to any clinician working with Codependent clients, and any individual looking to heal their SLDD.
Judi Garland, Psy.D.
Laurie Gelman on 01/15/2017 02:15am
Like all of Ross's, video seminars I found this one compelling, educational and entertaining. He is clearly passionate about this subject and compassionately dissects and explains it from the point of view of one who has not only experienced the pain of childhood trauma but has also successfully transcended it. I highly recommend this seminar.

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