Ross Redefines and Reconceptualize Codependency and its Treatment

Ross Rosenberg’s cutting-edge codependency recovery & treatment framework offers long-term & permanent solutions. Like Human Magnet Syndrome," his "Codependency Cure™" and "SLDD / Self-Love Deficit Disorder™" concepts, theories and explanations have helped millions worldwide. His trainings provide a roadmap for long-term recovery & hope where there has previously been none.

Relationship Math

“Codependents and pathological narcissists are psychologically underdeveloped people who need each other to feel good about themselves. Alone, they are empty, lonely people who need the company of another to escape their fundamental feelings of core shame and pervasive loneliness. The codependent is conscious of these, while the narcissist successfully runs or hides from them. Alone, both will always feel incomplete, unsatisfied, and lonely. Together, they both mistake complete enmeshment and the absence of loneliness as euphoric happiness and joy. This “½” plus “½” combination is the only mathematical formula that will work with these two self-love-starved and shame-based people, who depend on one another for any modicum of happiness. They will always need each other to feel whole. This relationship of two halves can never be a whole relationship, as both people lack the requisite self-love and individuation.”

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The Relationship Compatibility Continuum

“Using simple graphics and math, the RCC explains and quantifies the unconscious and reflexive attraction between two people in a relationship. It explains why all people, not just codependents and narcissists, are predictably drawn to a certain type of oppositely attractive partner. It intuitively accounts for why so many people remain in deeply unhappy and dysfunctional relationships despite feeling lonely, frustrated, or resentful. Similarly, it explains why some people tend to repeat their dysfunctional relationship choices despite wanting something different.”

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The Self-Love Deficit Disorder Pyramid

This pyramid illustrates that codependency is not the primary problem requiring treatment. Rather, codependency is, and always has been, only a symptom of foundational pathological forces responsible for it. In this vein, the pyramid linearly and hierarchically represents the progression of the problem. Beginning with attachment trauma and continuing with core shame, pathological loneliness, codependency addiction, and finally, the symptom known as codependency, the SLDD pyramid gives a 3D illustration of codependency, that is both clinically correct and intuitively accessible.

The pyramid is the starting point of The Codependency CureTM which is the much anticipated follow up to The Human Magnet Syndrome.

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The Ten Stage Model of Self-Love Recovery Treatment

The model is linear and progressive, they both require specific conditions and challenges be met and overcome before moving up. Completing each stage provides a person with the needed information and experience to be successful with the next stage’s challenges. If a stage is not sufficiently mastered or is skipped, the person’s mental and relational health will be compromised and attempts to succeed in the next stage will likely be unsuccessful.

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