Retreat Information

Conquering Self-Love Deficit Disorder™
Discovering Self-Love Abundance

Curriculum by Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed, LCPC, CADC, CSAT

At SLRI's Self-Love Recovery retreat, expect a life-changing weekend during which the origins of your Self-Love Deficit Disorder™/SLDD (codependency) will be explored and identified.

  • To maintain the integrity of the retreat experience, registration is limited to 10 participants.
  • Participants must be older than 25 years of age.
  • Participants should be involved in their own individual psychotherapy for at least 3 months prior to registering for the retreat.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is available in Skokie, Illinois.

What to Expect.

Although many of you have heard about Ross Rosenberg's Human Magnet Syndrome and Codependency Cure™ work, few have had the opportunity to work directly with him and experience his psychotherapeutic, healing and transformative "Self-Love Recovery" methods.

At this retreat weekend, Ross is teaming up with a 17-year psychotherapy veteran, David Rennard, to provide a retreat experience that will shake up what you know about Self-Love Deficit Disorder™/SLDD (codependency), and put you on the path to Self-Love Recovery™.

Each participant will learn more about his or her trauma, shame, and pathological loneliness and what triggers the addictive impulse to remain in harmful relationships with pathological narcissists. All will be individually encouraged to connect to the seldom expressed emotions that keep them mired in the dysfunctional muck of their Human Magnet Syndrome driven relationships.

The 20-hour event will combine lectures from Ross Rosenberg with large group, small group, and paired participant’s experiential activities, role playing and discussions, and a psychodrama experience.

Included in the retreat are catered meals and snacks (except for Saturday night), hotel accommodations, retreat materials, a personally signed copy of Ross's new Human Magnet Syndrome book, and a $200 credit to be used on any of Ross's video seminars.

The Self-Love Recovery Retreat’s Five Components:

  1. Educational: Learning about Self-Love Deficit Disorder (SLDD), and the impact of Pathological Narcissists on it
  2. Inspirational: Via relationships and connections with other attendees and staff
  3. Validating: Through the stories of other like-minded and like-hearted participants
  4. Transformational: Resulting from the educational and experiential elements of the retreat
  5. Hope Building: Increased optimism and hope for the future

What You Will Learn...

The retreat curriculum includes the following topics:

  1. Why must we recover from "Self-Love Deficit Disorder"
  2. What is SLDD - Looking at the SLDD Pyramid
  3. What is Self-Love Recovery - Looking at the SLA Pyramid
  4. SLDD Addiction
  5. The Ten Step Model of SLDD Recovery
  6. SLDD Addiction and my "drug of choice"
  7. Why I can't stop and I relapse all the time
  8. Pathological loneliness is the impossible withdrawal symptom
  9. Dream analysis technique
  10. Attachment Trauma's impact on SLDD
  11. Paleonsychotherapy - Digging for your trauma fossils
  12. The mind-body connection to trauma
  13. Learning how to connect to your frozen/hidden trauma child
  14. Preparing for the "Narcissistic Storm"
  15. Setting Boundaries in a hostile environment
  16. The Observe Don't Absorb Technique
  17. The emotional and physical "wrestling rings"
  18. Gaslighting role in the SLD/Narcissist relationships
  19. Pathological Narcissism & Narcissistic Victim Syndrome
  20. Stages 8: Developing Self-Love
  21. Stage 9: Bringing Self-Love into a Relationship
  22. Stage 10: Shedding SLDD and permanently reaching Self-Love Abundance
  23. Self-Love Recovery
  24. Intentional Self-Love Recovery Commitment
  25. Why must we recover from "Self-Love Deficit Disorder"




What You Will Take Home with You...

Each person can expect to leave the experience with a wealth of life-changing information to begin practicing and implementing either alone or with the help of a therapist at home. The retreat will serve as a necessary "bridge” over which the participants will travel to move beyond their suffocating and toxic relationships and closer to the love they always deserved to experience, but were never shown how to get it...self-love!


Ross Rosenberg is a distinguished international speaker, writer, trainer, consultant, and expert in the addictions/sex addiction, codependency, narcissism, and trauma fields. As a speaker, he has presented in 27 states and twice in Europe. He owns the Self-Love Recovery Institute, a personal growth and development company. Ross's two "Human Magnet Syndrome" books have sold over 80K copies and is also published in French, Spanish, and Czech. His YouTube vides have been viewed over 10 million times, attracting more than 100K subscribers. Ross's work on codependency, Self-Love Deficit Disorder™, Self-Love Recovery™, and the Codependency Cure™ has earned him global recognition.

David W. Rennard, LCSW, CSAT has been a psychotherapist for 17 years and is co-owner of Aspen Counseling Services in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. He has a gentle, thoughtful and open approach while integrating spirituality into psychotherapy. His experience of treating young victims of abuse and abandonment sparked a lasting interest in the treatment of trauma and attachment issues. A licensed psychotherapist and a certified sexual addictions therapist (he once supervised Ross), David’s expertise focuses on trauma and its aftermath, compulsivity and addiction, and anxiety and depressive disorders.