Ross Rosenberg

Banishing Fear: Finding the Courage to Heal from Codependency/Self-Love Deficit Disorder (2.75 hours) (USB)

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Banishing fear and finding courage to heal or recover from codependency, or what Ross now refers to as Self-Love Deficit Disorder is the perfect seminar from those who want to heal and  grow into more complete self-loving, self-caring and self-respecting individuals.  Ross Rosenberg and Lisa Romano, two internationally renowned experts in the respective fields, will jointly participate in a life-changing seminar that focuses on the codependency/Self-Love Deficit Disorder and trauma recovery.  During this three-hour webinar Ross and Lisa will give individual presentations while interacting with each other during them.  Questions from the webinar audience will be answered.


Ross Rosenberg – Breaking Down the Fear Barrier to Codependency Recovery

  1. "Codependency" No More - Introducting Self-Love Deficit Disorder (SLDD)
  2. Attachment trauma is so frightening, we have forgotten it
  3. Fear is a major obstacle to SLDD recovery
  4. Core shame sets up SLDD related anxiety and fear
  5. Finding the courage to be vulnerable
  6. Facing Codependency Addiction's withdrawal symptoms
  7. Bravely enduring necessary losses
  8. Beating Pathological Lonelines

Lisa A. Romano - The Freezing Function of Core Shame

  1. Why we fear confronting narcissists?
  2. Why is it we struggle so much with having boundaries?
  3. Why do we lack self-love?
  4. How we can tap into courage to confront our fears and begin the healing journey?