The Ten-Stage Self-Love Recovery™ Treatment Program: Getting To The Codependency Cure™ (Version 2) (5.7 Hours) (Download)

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Recorded and produced in October 2018. The PowerPoint presentation is included, in PDF format.

5.7-Hours Video Seminar designed for both professionals and laymen. 

CEU’s are available for Illinois clinicians: Psychologists, LCPC’s, LCSW’s and CADC’s.

The 10 Stage Self-Love Recovery™ Treatment Program represents the latest thinking and theoretical formulation on codependency, attachment and addiction treatment. This revolutionary model is the backbone for Ross Rosenberg’s internationally recognized work on “The Codependency Cure™” and “Self-Love Deficit Disorder™.” This innovative paradigm provides required conceptual information to move beyond Rosenberg’s Human Magnet Syndrome explanation, toward the solution for it.

The seminar audience will come to understand the inner workings of a treatment strategy and techniques that were specifically developed for Self-Love Deficit Disorder (SLDD)™ - Rosenberg’s replacement term for codependency. Each stage represents a linear and sequential element of a treatment process (method) that permanently eradicates SLDD (codependency) while opening up a healing and restorative pathway to “Self-Love Abundance,” otherwise known as the “Codependency Cure™.”

The “Cure” represents a wide array of divergent and eclectic explanations, theories, and treatment techniques into a coherent, logical, and intuitive treatment model. It also illustrates Ross Rosenberg’s original theoretical and practical work. The Ten Stages inform and directs a treatment strategy that actually resolves attachment trauma, core shame, and pathological loneliness – the core issues/problems of SLDD.

The treatment program relies on the power of the SLDD and SLA Pyramids, coupled with an overarching scaffolding of sorts onto which are sequentially organize in a toolbox of Self-Love Recovery treatment techniques. This organizational structure would need to be dialectical in nature, as it would require the integration of seemingly dissimilar and contradictory psychological theories and practices, into a compelling, unified, linear, stage-based explanation of, and blueprint for, Self-Love Recovery. Most importantly, it appeals and make sense to both a prospective client and the treating professional.

Completing the Ten Stages will result in the shedding of SLDD and the permanent transformation into SLA, Self-Love Abundancy. Once at Stage Ten, the newly transformed SLA will have created a personal and relational identity that is infused with strength, empowerment, and of course, self-love. This recovery work is self-perpetuating; it is virtually impossible to go back. Once an SLD “tastes” self-love, they will develop a lifelong appetite for it!

The Ten Stages:

  1. Hitting Bottom
  2. Human Magnet Syndrome Education
  3. Withdrawing from SLDD Addiction
  4. Preparing for the Narcissistic Storm
  5. Setting Boundaries in Hostile Environments
  6. Maintaining Safe and Secure Boundaries
  7. Resolving/Integrating Attachment Trauma
  8. Discovering Self-Love
  9. Building an External Foundation of Self-Love
  10. Shedding SLDD and Acquiring Self-Love Abundance (The Codependency Cure)
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