The Ten-Stage Self-Love Recovery™ Treatment Program: Getting To The Codependency Cure™ (5.7 Hours) (USB)

The Ten-Stage Self-Love Recovery™ Treatment Program: Getting To The Codependency Cure™ (5.7 Hours) (USB)

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  • 5.7-hours video seminar for professional and laypeople.
  • Recorded and produced in October 2018, from live presentation.
  • Version 2. 
  • The PowerPoint presentation is included, in PDF format.

The 10 Stage Self-Love Recovery™ Treatment Program represents the latest thinking and theoretical formulation on codependency and attachment trauma treatment.  This “Ten Steps” treatment program is the organizational structure of Rosenberg’s Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program.

Although this training does not go into specific detail of the treatment, it presents all the elements of the linear and sequentially organized stages of treatment that eradicates Self-Love Deficit Disorder/SLDD™ or Codependency. This workshop sets the stage for Ross’s other trainings, which are more specific on the exact tools and treatment approaches. Although more general in scope, this seminar provides the necessary information about the treatment program that solves SLDD/codependency. 

The seminar audience will learn how and why the treatment program can resolve attachment trauma, core shame, and pathological loneliness – the core issues/problems of SLDD. The audience will also learn about the problems, roadblocks, and challenges that have to be resolved for the SLD or the “Self-Love Deficient,” so they can finally solve their life-long battle with Human Magnet Syndrome driven dysfunctional relationships, narcissistic abuse and/or gaslighting.

Learning about this stage-based treatment approach will appeal and make sense to both a prospective client and the treating professional. 

The Ten Stages:

  1. Hitting Bottom: Introducing Hope
  2. Understanding The Human Magnet Syndrome and Relational Chemistry
  3. Overcoming SLDD Addiction and Pathological Loneliness
  4. Preparing for the Narcissistic Storm: Mastering Power and Control Dynamics
  5. Setting Boundaries in Hostile Environments
  6. Maintaining Safe and Secure Boundaries
  7. Resolving/Integrating Attachment Trauma (NOT COVERED)
  8. Transitioning from SLDD to SLA – Self-Love Abundance
  9. Practicing & Enjoying Self-Love Driven Relationships
  10. Achieving Self-Love Abundance – The Codependency Cure
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