DOWNLOAD – The Observe Don’t Absorb Technique (ODA): Neutralizing Narcissistic Abuse (1 Hour 30 Minutes)

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Presentation Description:  On January 6, 2014, Ross introduced the world to his 8 minutes Observe Don't Absorb Technique (ODA) in his 8 minute YouTube video, which soon exceed a 500,000!   In this expanded and updated rendering of ODA (78 minutes longer), Rosenberg introduces, explains and demonstrates his narcissistic abuse defense strategy that has caught the world by storm.  ODA empowers and assists recovering codependents (those with SLDD or Self-Love Deficit Disorder™) to set boundaries with Pathological Narcissists (NPD, BPD, ASPD and addicts), while maintaining a regulated affective state/emotional composure.  Safe emotional detachment from purposefully manipulative narcissists ensures successful long-term SLDD recovery.   ODA also is an indispensable professional treatment technique that allows psychotherapist to remain emotionally regulated with their difficult and potentially activating clients.  The video includes the following:

Video Length: 90 minutes

Video Content

  • ODA’s 6 Tenets
  • False Power Syndrome
  • Magical Thinking
  • Predictive Awareness
  • The Physical versus Emotional “Wrestling Ring”
  • Muhammad Ali and Narcissistic Abuse
  • “Observing” and Healthy Dissociation
  • The Mechanics of Observing and Not Absorbing
  • Defensive Fantasy Techniques
  • ODA and Mindfulness
  • Becoming an “ODA Warrior”

Video Objectives

  1. Introduce “The Human Magnet Relationship” dynamic that is responsible for the SLDD/narcissist relationship.  
  2. Examine conflict dynamics occurring between SLDD and pathologically narcissistic partners.
  3. Illustrate the manipulative strategies that harmful narcissists employ to draw a person into conflict for the sole purpose of rendering them powerless. 
  4. Examine the “fight of flight” experience and subsequent cognitive distortion that disable recovering SLDD’s from defending themselves against predatory narcissists.
  5. Introduce “The Predictive Awareness” techniques, which foster the proactive identification, analysis, and preparation of narcissistic abuse. 
  6. Identify different forms of emotional and interactional activation, which ODA is designed to neutralize.
  7. Demonstrate why ODA is an effective defensive strategy for individuals who cannot or choose to not terminate their relationship with a pathological narcissist.
  8. Delineate the differences between pathological disassociation and the controlled and healthy form of it - utilized in ODA.
  9. Demonstrate the professional utility of ODA for psychotherapists providing treatment to narcissistic addicts or partners
  10. Demonstrate ODA Fantasy Defense Strategies that are designed to defuse the threat of narcissistic manipulation and/or abuse.
  11. Learn how to apply mindfulness techniques designed to counteract narcissistic abuse or manipulation.
Deborah on 01/05/2017 02:03pm
I have read the 'The Human Magnet Syndrome'2 yrs agoObserve don't absorb technique works.however old habits do die hard. Recovery is ongoing, I'm glad to be a Co-dependent in ways, because we do truly heal. Narcs there's almost no hope for them. Very sad.

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