About The Codependency Revolution

After a seven-year hiatus, internationally acclaimed Human Magnet Syndrome author Ross Rosenberg once again significantly impacts the mental health community with his unparalleled creation of ‘The Codependency Revolution: Fixing What Was Always Broken.”

“The Codependency Revolution exposes the shadow side of a field that has always been lost, never established credibility, and, without bad intentions, hurt far more people than it has helped. It provides compelling insights on a complex, frequently misunderstood topic while offering a historical explanation for why he is “fixing what has always been broken.”

Forty-three percent longer than its predecessor, it covers every aspect of codependency, thereby solidifying its position as the most comprehensive resource on this widely misunderstood subject. It is as warm, sincere, and enlightening as comprehensive.

Rosenberg’s masterpiece work draws significant inspiration from his personal struggles with codependency and his decades-long dedication to providing specialized codependency therapy.

The book is poised to have a profound, far-reaching influence worldwide, offering a lifeline to individuals grappling with codependency and empowering and guiding mental health practitioners with new insights and approaches. The Codependency Revolution is not just an extraordinary book, but, more importantly, a catalyst for change.