General Psychotherapy with Ross Rosenberg


Ross Rosenberg psychotherapy services


Since the beginning of Ross Rosenberg’s illustrious 33-year career, his passion for helping people solve problems, overcoming adversity, and healing trauma has burned brightly. Before his Human Magnet Syndrome and Codependency Cure notoriety, Ross’s expert psychotherapy allowed him to go places where most have been unable, successfully.  

Ross and The Self-Love Recovery Institute are excited to announce his return to his “generalist” psychotherapy roots. To the people in need of his one-of-a-kind “Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program,” no worries, as that fire has not flickered one iota! 

If you are interested in psychotherapy via Ross's Self-Love Recovery Program, please visit the Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program page.

Ross is now accepting clients of various ages who identify/struggle with:

  1. Codependency
  2. Survivors of Childhood Abuse
  3. Depression
  4. Anxiety / Panic Disorder 
  5. Addiction / Substance Abuse 
  6. Parenting Challenges 
  7. Career / Life Changes 
  8. Divorce Consultation  

If you are interested in psychotherapy with Ross, please download and fill out the Client Intake Form and send it to Please do not delay as there is often a waiting list.

Client Intake Form