A poem written following key discoveries in my own psychotherapy. It is filled with optimism and proactive determination to carry forward the positive momentum.




Crack! out of the canon

I explode outwards, upwards

into the abyss of the unknown

where dreams have not yet

been assigned a form. 


As I glide toward the heavens,

rise to new heights,

I realized for the first time,

I can  move in any direction,

and visit any place

I was once too frightened

or discouraged from visiting.


I am ready to explore

the wide blue yonder

is now my friend.

The clouds my destination.

Birds  my companions.


For the first time

my vision is accurate…sharp.

My dreams are now within arms reach

to be touched,

felt, and tasted


Wha were once unfilled fantasies

are no longer held hostage by empty hopes,

false expectations and fear of failure.


Goals that were once placed on too high shelves,

beyond my reach,

ate now within my grasp.


In the recycle bin of forgotten self-promises

I am now choosing to retrieve

Once abandoned and forgotten dreams.


With joy and excitement,

my heart swells with hope

because today I learned to fly.


Ross Rosenberg


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