Codependent or Self-Love Deficient?
Hurt by a Narcissist?

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SLRI provides hope, education, and services to professionals and the general public.

Self-Love Recovery and the Codependency Cure

Live Weekend Seminar Experience
Kripalu Center - Stockbridge, MA (near Albany, NY)

Don’t Miss Ross’s only 2020 Live Seminar Event

This intimate seminar explores codependency’s origins: loneliness, shame, and trauma. The “Codependency Cure” focus is the next step…the evolution of Ross’s in Human Magnet Syndrome work. Expect practical solutions and direction, while feeling the warmth and support of Ross’s unique teaching style.

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Healing The Inner Trauma Child Method

The Healing the Inner Trauma Child Technique (HITCH) provides trauma resolution/integration that is effective with PTSD, CPTSD, Attachment Trauma, and other Dissociative Disorders.

Self-Love Recovery Retreat

At SLRI's Self-Love Recovery retreat, expect a life-changing weekend during which the origins of your Self-Love Deficit Disorder™/SLDD (codependency) will be explored and identified.

This book will change your life

Readers of the Human Magnet Syndrome will better understand why they, despite their dreams for true love, find themselves hopelessly and painfully in love with partners who hurt them.


Ross Rosenberg owns Self-Love Recovery Institute.

He is a psychotherapist, educator, expert witness and author. Ross is known globally for his expertise in codependency/Self-Love Deficit Disorder, Pathological Narcissism, Narcissistic Abuse and Trauma Treatment.

His books “The Human Magnet Syndrome" have sold over 95K copies and are translated into six languages. Ross is a keynote speaker and educator who has presented in 30 States/70 cities and abroad. He’s regularly featured on TV and radio. Ross has become a YouTube celebrity by amassing over 15 million video views and 150,000 subscribers.

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It's Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program Redefines and ReConceptualizes Codependency and its Treatment.

Ross Rosenberg’s cutting edge codependency recovery & treatment framework offers long-term & permanent solutions. Like Human Magnet Syndrome," his "Codependency Cure™" and "Self-Love Deficit Disorder™" concepts, theories and explanations have helped millions worldwide. His trainings provide a roadmap for long-term recovery & hope where there has previously been none.