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The Codependency Cure™

Learn more about codependency and its redefinition: Self-Love Deficit Disorder™

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Healing The Inner Trauma Child Method

Ross’s powerfully effective psychotherapy treatment approach for Codependency.

Ross Rosenberg


Ross Rosenberg

Ross Rosenberg is the owner of Self-Love Recovery Institute. He is a psychotherapist, educator, expert witness and author. Ross is known globally for his expertise in codependency (Self-Love Deficit Disorder™), Pathological Narcissism, Narcissistic Abuse and Trauma Treatment. His book, “The Human Magnet Syndrome” sold over 120,000 copies and are translated into nine languages. Ross is a keynote speaker and educator who has presented throughout the USA and abroad. He’s regularly featured on national TV and radio. He has become a YouTube celebrity by amassing over 17 million video views and 170K subscribers.

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Testimonials of Ross’s Work

"The Human Magnet Syndrome was where I first found answers to my life long relationship questions. Ross took the term I was handed in my twenties, codependent, and made it mean something I could finally define and work to solve. This is a life changing, insightful body of knowledge, backed by a solid education, clinical understanding, and delivered in clear, understandable terms, by a brilliant, gifted mind."

Joanne S.

"God bless Ross Rosenberg. I can't thank him enough for his work and YouTube videos. After working with 11 therapists over several decades, I finally know what happened to me. I am so grateful for him."

Sherene B.

"If you think you are loosing your mind, and feel weak and are constantly wondering if your thoughts are true or false, you should watch one of Ross’s seminars. Ross is honest and puts on another pair of glasses through which you will see your world and your past differently. Ross cannot make decisions for you, but he pushes you in the right direction."

Marco K.

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Book Endorsements


"why and how people select partners is a...mystery...Rosenberg opens the dark side of romantic attraction to the light of analysis and offers the tragic narcissist/codependent lovers a well-lighted path to understanding and healthy relating."

Harville Hendrix
Author & National Couples Counseling Expert


"...this will treat the reader to an invaluable body of knowledge and experience … with a treasure trove of useful tools and tips. Ross generously contributes a well-crafted and relevant resource for healing…demonstrating a means for transforming painful lifelong patterns into meaningfully healthy ones."

Wendy T Behary
Author & Expert on Narcissism


"Ross...understands the codependent and narcissistic dynamic. His latest work is even more concise, informative, and comprehensive. If you are struggling with codependency...this book will be of great value to you. If you are a mental health professional...this book will serve as a great resource."

Lisa A Romano
Author & Certified Life Coach