About Ross Rosenberg

Ross Rosenberg, M. Ed., LCPC, CADC, is a global thought leader and renowned expert in codependency, narcissism, narcissistic abuse, and trauma treatment. He is the Self-Love Recovery Institute’s CEO/owner and primary contributor.

His pioneering contributions to the mental health field include sweeping theoretical and practical updates (revision) on codependency, which he aptly renamed “Self-Love Deficit Disorder™.” He is renowned for his expert psychotherapy, public speaker/educator, and expert witness work.

Ross’s global success is illustrated by his 28 million YouTube video views and 285K subscribers. His “Self-Love Recovery” podcast is globally ranked at 2.5%, with downloads upwards of 150k. Aside from his 65K social media connections, he has been featured on hundreds of podcasts, radio, and national TV.

165K copies of The Human Magnet Syndrome books have been sold, while printed in 12 languages. They have been an Amazon best-seller since its 2013 publication. His highly anticipated "Codependency Revolution" will be published in March of 2024.

Ross is also an accomplished international professional trainer and keynote speaker, working in 30 US states (70 cities) and abroad. His advanced education, clinical certifications, and over 35 years of professional work experience enable him to create, produce, and provide interesting and life-changing seminars. That simultaneously resonates with the layperson and professional.

His seminars are like no other, as they are as entertaining as they are informative. His sense of humor and personal vulnerability disclosures of his recovery journey add a sense of integrity to his work. He interacts with the audience from his heart and his mind.

Professional audiences consistently give Ross’s seminars high marks, as the information often applies to their job/clinical practice and their understanding of their mental health. As much as he is a psychotherapist and professional educator, he is a fellow traveler on the paths he helps others with. 

Ross’s latest “Codependency Cure™” work, like his books, breaks new ground in the mental health field. This innovative work introduces a new term, “Self-Love Deficit Disorder™,” which replaces and redefines the concept of “codependency.” His original theories and concepts, such as the “Relationship Compatibility Theory,” The 11 Stage Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program,” “The Observe Don’t Absorb Technique,” and many others, have reshaped what we know about codependency, codependency recovery, narcissism, dysfunctional relationships, and narcissistic abuse.