Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program (Psychotherapy)

Ross Rosenberg is now accepting new clients for psychotherapy delivered through his Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program (SLRP). This treatment is specific to the problem of Self-Love Deficit Disorder (SLDD) otherwise known as codependency. Although Ross’s work involves trauma healing and integration, the clients for which the SLRP program was designed must have the primary condition of SLDD. The best way to determine fit is to read Ross’s book, “Human Magnet Syndrome: The Codependent Narcissist Trap,” which is also a prerequisite for the SLRP. If a prospective client relates to the book’s SLDD/codependency definitions and explanations, we encourage them to reach out to us for help.

If you are interested in having a psychotherapy session with Ross, please contact us at

  • Although SLRP treats the trauma responsible for Self-Love Deficit Disorder/SLDD (codependency), it is not a treatment program for most other trauma disorders.
  • Having “self-love deficiency” is not the same as being an SLD. Numerous other mental health challenges include such a deficit. Ongoing treatment/acceptance into SLRP is not guaranteed.
  • Acceptance into SLRP is determined if a person is a codependent/SLD as specified in “The Human Magnet Syndrome” book. Therefore, the book must be read prior to the initial meeting.
  • During the initial session, prospective clients are evaluated for SLDD, and if they can benefit from SLRP.
  • SLRP acceptance is not guaranteed. At the end of the initial session, Ross will share his evaluation and recommendations.

Ross has been a psychotherapist for over 30 years, graduating from Boston University in 1988. Throughout this time, he has held various clinical positions. Not only is he considered a global expert on SLDD/codependency, Pathological Narcissism, Trauma Treatment, and Narcissistic Abuse, he is an expert witness on the topics. He has also developed a vast array of theoretical foundations and treatment techniques which, in totality, culminated in the creation of his Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program. 

At the foundation of Ross’s psychotherapy work is a profound mastery of deep respect, appreciation, and empathy for the pain and suffering of his Self-Love Deficient/SLD (codependent) clients, which is often highly predictable, trans-generational Self-Love Deficit Disorder. In addition, he combines warmth and humor, with sincerity and support to provide effective treatment to his clients.

Ross’s master-psychotherapist reputation is best understood through his own journey to overcome SLDD. Such hard-earned insights were presented in his global best-selling book, “The Human Magnet Syndrome,” which has sold over 150,000 copies while published in 10 languages. While his book represents the complete revision and reformulation of everything we know about codependency, his “Codependency Cure™” work, known as his “Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program,” represents the only effective SLDD treatment program that can permanently solve the problem.