About The Self-Love Recovery Institute

Seminars for Mental Health Practitioners and the General Public

Self-Love Recovery Institute is a premier training company that provides ground-breaking and life-changing educational and life-enhancing products, which are specifically designed for both professionals and the layperson. The products are created for the general public as well as the seasoned professional to be engaging, profoundly meaningful, and practically helpful. SLRI is committed to the highest quality trainings that are informative, interesting and clinically relevant. Most of SLRI’s trainings are based on original theoretical and practical material. The trainings and trainers are engaging, hands on, and at times, a whole lot of fun. Each of SLRI trainers are specialists or experts in their field who have experience in both the clinical and training fields.

Ross Rosenberg - Self-Love Recovery Institute's Primary Educator

Ross RosenbergRoss Rosenberg, M.Ed., CADC, is the owner of SLRI. He has been a psychotherapist since 1988. He is an international trainer and a certified addiction and sex addiction therapist. He is considered an expert in codependency, trauma, sex, and love addiction, and Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Disorders. He wrote the best-selling book, "The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us". Ross’s latest work can be found by reading his new book, "The Human Magnet Syndrome: The Codependent Narcissist Trap". 

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