C.D. ★★★★★
July 2022

"Ross changed my life and I am his number one fan! He is the only therapist I trust to treat SLDD (codependency). The first time I saw one of Ross's YouTube videos, I felt he was speaking to my soul. Ross was the first person in my life who understood me. His work is brilliant, he has the ability to explain every single detail about this disorder,  and provide the solutions with clarity. I cannot estimate the value of his work. It goes beyond any definition. I'm so thankful for him."

K.K. ★★★★★
July 2022

"I discovered Ross's You Tube videos right after his book The Human Magnet Syndrome was published.  I was listening to the radio and he was being interviewed about the book.  If ever there was a lightbulb moment, that was it. I am currently engaged to a wonderful man and we will be getting married this year...thanks to Ross! I owe him my sanity and my current happiness!"

M.S. ★★★★★
June 2022

My therapy with Ross has been a transformational experience for me as we moved through his 10-step program to help me understand the origin and dynamics of my codependency and to move me past my pathological loneliness and attraction to narcissists to the point of self-love abundance. I would wholeheartedly recommend his program and counseling to anyone caught in a narcissist/codependent relationship to enable one to experience the same transformational experience as I have.

N.F. ★★★★★
July 2021

"I found these seminars very helpful. I have learned about educational requirements for psychotherapists and other mental health practitioners. In addition, I have learned to pay attention to their experience and to check what they write on their profiles. Most importantly, to listen to my body and to terminate the relationship as soon as there are red flags of any kind or when I feel uncomfortable for whatever reason. Thank you."

V.B. ★★★★★
April 2021

"I am now a Self-Loving woman thanks entirely to Ross and the hard work I did on myself.  It all started when I read the "Human Magnet Syndrome" which instantly inspired me to contact Ross and seek help as I was barely coming out, broken, from yet another narcissistic abusive relationship. After a diligent & profound psychotherapy, facing and going through his defined stages, and using all the available tools such as his training videos and his YouTube, I am now practicing and celebrating Self-love driven relationships. My recovery is more than I could have ever imagined. I live with authenticity, and a genuine love & appreciation for myself and others. My life looks nothing like it did when I started this journey, and I am eternally grateful to Ross, without whom I would not be who I am today."

R.R. ★★★★★
August 2020

"I am a 30-year-old from a middle-class family in India. Even after following my passion through philanthropy, no therapy seemed to work. After feeling helpless, I was on my own path of SLDD wherein I had meticulously passed the 6 steps of the recovery without watching the YouTube videos, but was stuck for more than 3 years in limbo and certainly was not able to get moving forward until I saw Ross Rosenberg's YouTube videos which seemed a ray of hope. And it seemed like my indefinite search was over :) and my prayers were answered... I didn't seek a therapist's assistance and tried to go through the process on my own and it worked... And soon I was able to pass the 7th stage of understanding my inner child and its simple ask to acknowledge the childhood trauma. After that moment I was able to embrace the little Reema and promised her to not let her down anymore, given any circumstances. So a big thank you and a warm hug to Ross Rosenberg for helping us dive in the innermost suppressed feeling with utmost simplicity and care. May you live long and help us with different facets of complex psychology, to help individuals like me and many others whom the traditional psychotherapy doesn't understand (especially in India) who cause more harm."

C.D. ★★★★★
May 2020

"I can fully recommend all the video courses. Ross really is the real deal. His teachings gave me hope when I hit rock bottom and finally started downloading one after the other of his videos. He finally brought to light what was wrong with me. He could label it and he doesn't stop there. He is passionate to end suffering and bring healing to co-dependency or Self-Love Deficit Disorder, as he calls it. One of my favorite quotes from Ross is: "it's never too late to become the person you are supposed to be". I think Ross is so good because he's been through the painful journey himself of growing up with narcissists and he has done everything to understand what's going on and to solve this problem which is really hard to grasp, especially if you have been brainwashed and gaslighted throughout your childhood. I was deeply moved by his understanding of pathological loneliness. He's so spot on. He has opened my eyes to so many things and answered so many questions for me although I've never met him. He's a blessing to all co-dependents. If you've come this far, just get the courses. You probably really need it."

M.K. ★★★★★
May 2020

“If you think you are losing your mind, feel weak, and are constantly wondering if your thoughts are true or false, you should watch one of Ross’s seminars. Ross is honest and puts on another pair of glasses through which you will see your world and your past differently. Ross cannot make decisions for you, but he pushes you in the right direction.”

J.S. ★★★★★
May 2020

"I have spent my adult lifetime (40 years) looking for the answers Ross offers. I should also say, I started therapy thinking he was overstating the insanity of my relationship. I had been dating a covert narcissist and thought he was not capable of doing the kinds of things Ross was describing. I was wrong. The evidence of a very sick and twisted mind was everywhere when I began looking, much to my shock and eventually to my horror. I honestly believe Ross Rosenberg saved my life. There are no words to express my gratitude."

S.B. ★★★★★
October 2019

"I can't thank Ross enough for his work and YouTube videos. After working with more than 10 therapists over several decades, I finally know what happened to me. I can only hope that his work will help others avoid decades of useless and sometimes harmful therapy from mental health practitioners who are not educated in this particular area of interpersonal abuse. I am so grateful for Ross Rosenberg."

A.W. ★★★★★
October 2019

"I have never found anything else like this seminar, with detailed gaslighting explanations, scenarios, and pop culture examples that make it so clear. Explanation of inculcation/repetition was extremely helpful for childhood programming. I feel like I need to watch it again just to digest all of the information. If you only have time/money for a few videos, get this and HITCH together. Blew my mind, or I guess put it back together!!"

T. ★★★★★
February 2018

"[The Human Magnet Syndrome] has changed my view of relationships and how easily we are attracted to those who are ultimately not our soulmate, but instead our wound mate. I would highly recommend it to those of you who have survived childhood trauma, and thus suffer from codependency or as Ross says, Self-Love Deficit Disorder (which I love!). This book will leave you with your mouth wide open, again and again, while experiencing what seemed to me like a million "aha" moments! I see Ross Rosenberg as a true humanitarian on this issue. Way to shine the spotlight on learning to LOVE ourselves first, Ross! Keep writing, making videos, speaking, training, and teaching! You have a gift!"