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By placing an order on our website, all customers agree to these terms.

Ross provides psychotherapy that is oriented to his Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program. It is structured and time limited. Like any other treatment program, the initial session determines if the person is a fit or is ready for it.

If therapy in the Self-Love Recovery Program is not a good fit for you, Ross will help you understand the problems/challenges you are currently facing. If applicable, he will provide a diagnosis and give treatment or psychotherapy recommendations.

Ross does see new clients, but often carries a full case load. If interested, please download, fill in, and send the intake form to and you will be added to his waiting list. Typically wait times can be between one to four months.

He strongly recommends that if you are in crisis, and he cannot see you right away, see someone else. Do not risk your well-being by waiting. If you feel you are at risk of self-harm, please contact your local national suicide prevention lifeline. USA: 1.800.273.8255 | Canada: 1.833.456.4566.

The fee for a 45-minute psychotherapy session is US $350 per session/45 minutes.

He does not take insurance, which includes filing out of network insurance claims. For clients located in the US, a superbill can be provided for submission to your insurer as an out of network provider.



No. Ross only works with adult clients.

No. As a policy, Ross does not allow individuals to make appointments on behalf of third parties.

We cannot recommend a specific therapist. For this purpose and more, Ross created a comprehensive educational/instructional video entitled The Buyers Guide to Psychotherapy. Ross's more than 30 years of professional experience is condensed into this informative video guide.

Ross highly recommends the use of Psychology Today's Psychotherapist Finder. It has the largest data base of any similar search site and allows a prospective client to email and/or call a therapist they wish to hire.

Yes. If you are thinking of hiring Ross as an expert witness, please consult with your attorney before the initial consultation session. $500 per consultation/1 hour is the max he can provide for this purpose. More than that may be considered psychotherapy or counseling, which would disqualify him from being your expert witness.

Ross is not able to answer specific questions or emails sent to him. He receives countless requests to answer questions which often require complex responses, and further discussion. Consider booking a one-time consultation session or becoming a psychotherapy client.

Ross's seminars are educational tools loaded with important information that can be useful for independent self-help work. The seminars cannot replace therapy, but in the absence of it, they have been proven to be very helpful.

All of Ross's work is written and designed for both professionals and a general audience. We have received consistent positive feedback from both type of participants.


Yes, please! Ross welcomes your suggestions. Simply email them to for consideration.

Currently Ross does not have the time to either review or write forwards to books. However, he wishes the very best to authors who think of him.

Ross is planning to begin writing his “Codependency Cure” book in the Fall of 2021. The book should be completed by January of 2023. In the meantime, much of the content that will be in his book is featured in his seminar videos.