Fixing What Has Always Been Broken

Ross Rosenberg's Masterpiece!


Get ready for the mental health field to be transformed by “The Codependency Revolution - from the bottom up. Rosenberg provides an in-depth analysis of the convoluted history of codependency it's tragic failures while introducing his meticulously constructed alternative theories and explanations.

Never has there been a resource on the subject that is as comprehensive, enlightening, and warmly written as this one. Like his globally successful Human Magnet Syndrome books, this book will encourage readers to break free from codependency and embrace a future full of self-love and empowerment. Join Ross in embracing the codependency revolution.

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~ Dr. Craig Malkin, author of the New York Times bestseller, Rethinking Narcissism

"Like Rosenberg's first two books, this is rich with wisdom, scientific and theoretical rigor, practical tips and guidance, and ample opportunity for reflection and growth. And now, with the new material, Rosenberg sheds even more light on the complicated dynamics of attraction in our most tumultuous relationships. The book is brimming with the voice of a clinician whose strength of compassion is matched by his depth of insight."

~ George Simon, author of In Sheep's Clothing and two other best-selling books.

Clear, concise, yet comprehensive, and based on years of both personal and professional experience, Rosenberg avoids tiresome clichés and hollow explanations that merely validate what toxic relationship survivors already learned the hard way. And in redefining codependency as the syndrome it truly represents, he offers keen insights and sound advice for claiming a more empowered life.