In a moment of inspiration, I tapped into the illusionary and dishonest nature of codependent love. The pain reflected in this poem should resonate with the world of codependents as much as it did to me. Only with accurate recollection of the pain that is to ignore can we honestly but painfully embrace the truth.



Codependent love is illogical,
transient and shapeless.
It resists definition.
Defies explanation.

Good, bad,
healthy, dysfunctional,
long-term or fleeting.
Here, there
and nowhere.
It loves without boundaries.

It is paradoxical.
Pain beckoning hope.
Sly like a fox.
Pretending to be big.
Happy and permanent.

It’s like a shiny new diamond.
Larger than life.
Symbolic happiness.
Sparkly deception,
promising forever smiles.

This love lies!
It promises delivery
from eternal loneliness,
but perpetually disappoints.

Look in the mirror!
Gaze deeply into the face
that needs to love you.

Look carefully,
because that same smile
will eventually be on the face
of the lover you always deserved.

Ross Rosenberg, 2019



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