Psychotherapy With Ross Rosenberg

Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., CADC

Ross Rosenberg’s, M.Ed., CADC, revolutionary work in the areas of codependency, narcissism, trauma and addiction has led the march forward in creating a host of intuitive and logically sound theories and mental health treatment techniques. The theoretical and practical reformulation of codependency, narcissism and the dysfunctional relationship they share, has benefited a worldwide audience of professionals and non-professionals alike. Moreover, his “Self-Love Recovery™” and “Self-Love Deficit Disorder™” work is rapidly being accepted as the new wave in codependency treatment. He specializes in codependency, family systems theory, PTSD, and sex addiction.

If you are interested in having a psychotherapy session with Ross, please download the Client Intake Form and the Client Agreement Form and email them to Please do not delay as there is often a waiting list.

  • Although SLRP treats the trauma responsible for Self-Love Deficit Disorder/SLDD (codependency), it is not a treatment program for most other trauma disorders.
  • Having “self-love deficiency” is not the same as being a SLD.  Numerous other mental health challenges include such a deficit.  Ongoing treatment/acceptance into SLRP is not guaranteed.
  • Acceptance into SLRP is determined if a person is a codependent/SLD as specified in “The Human Magnet Syndrome” book.  Therefore, the book must be read prior to the initial meeting.
  • During the initial session, prospective clients are evaluated for SLDD, and if they can benefit from SLRP.
  • SLRP acceptance is not guaranteed. At the end of the initial session, Ross will share his evaluation and recommendations.

Client Intake Form Client Agreement Form