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  1. Codependency Cure
  2. The 11-Stage Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program
  3. Codependency Addiction
  4. Observe Don’t Absorb
  5. Everything You Need to Know About Escaping Narcissistic Abuse

Total time: 25.5 hours


This is Ross Rosenberg’s post-“Human Magnet Syndrome” work.  Although these books revolutionized the way we conceptualize codependency, narcissism, and the attraction dynamics that naturally but dysfunctionally pull them together, it was only "phase one" of Rosenberg’s work.  While “The Human Magnet Syndrome” was Ross’s why work, the “Codependency Cure,” describes what to do about it.

The “Codependency Cure” concepts and practical tools completely overhaul the concept of “codependency/codependent” while replacing them with less stigmatizing terms: “Self-Love Deficit Disorder/SLDD” and “Self-Love Deficient/SLD.” Ross didn’t stop with the new terms; he created supportive theories, explanations, and practical tools to fit them.  Such has revolutionized the treatment of “codependency” as has his Human Magnet Syndrome work. 

The Codependency Cure

This video focuses on the broad introduction and overview of Ross’s next phase of work. It rewrites what we know about “codependency” and its treatment of it.  It is filled with intuitively understandable (to both the mental health practitioner and layperson) ideas, explanations, practical instruction, as well as brand-new theoretical formulations for both the problem of SLDD, and the cure – “Self-Love Abundance! 

The 11-Stage Self-Love Recovery™ Treatment Program 

This video starts where the first one left off. Instead of being a broad introduction of concepts, it delves deeply into the primary theoretical and practical concepts that are meant to transform codependency into the “Self-Love Abundance” cure.  It describes the treatment program and each of its stages.

Codependency Addiction

This video is required information and explanations about the addictive elements of codependency or Self-Love Deficit Disorder.  Codependency addiction manifests as a repetitive and compulsive pattern of relationships with pathologically narcissistic lovers. Short or long-term relationships with narcissists, their drug of choice, create temporary or fleeting moments of euphoria and feelings of relational perfection. Like a drug addiction, codependents seek to replicate the initial blissful experience of connection and emotional fulfillment.  Sadly, like any drug or process addiction, the codependent cannot control the “drug” or narcissist who, by their very nature, cannot be controlled.

The “Observe Don’t Absorb” technique

The “Observe Don’t Absorb (ODA)” technique empowers and assists victims of narcissistic abuse, with a variety of insights, strategies, and survival tools. The main tenant of ODA is to avoid the forever losing proposition of engaging narcissists in conflict. ODA essentially enables people to successfully set boundaries with Pathological Narcissists, survive the backlash, and safely end their harmful and dysfunctional relationships. Not only does ODA teach emotional detachment from purposefully manipulative and cunning narcissists, it greatly enhances one’s mental health. It can be used as an effective every-day technique that has the potential be helpful in all situations - from the mundane to the very stressful and critical.

Everything You Need to Know About Escaping Narcissistic Abuse

Stage 4, Preparing for the Narcissistic Storm, includes the basics of how codependents and narcissists interact; the common manipulation, power dynamics, and mind control strategies that narcissists use, and information on how you can expect your narcissist will react to strategically set boundaries. It also includes practical tools that are necessary to neutralize engagement strategies used by narcissists. Some of the material presented:

Developing “Predictive Awareness”

  • False Power Syndrome
  • Induced Conversation
  • Worst-Case Scenario Exercise
  • Cost-Benefit Exercise
  • Secretly building resources
  • Dismantling triangulation
  • Avoiding narcissistic injuries
  • Grey Rock Technique doesn’t work
  • Gaslighting and Stockholm Syndrome
  • The dangers of marriage/couples counseling and mediation

Stage 5, Setting Boundaries in a Hostile Environment, is when the carefully constructed exit plan is executed. Everything is about escaping with minimal harm from the Pathological Narcissist’s campaign of terror, threats, and abuse. Some of the material presented:

  • Ross’s “Surgeon General Warning"
  • The Three Strike Boundary Rule
  • Setting boundaries in a hostile environment
  • Boundaries for narcissists do not work
  • Preparing for Retaliation
  • Roller Coaster Amnesia
  • Breaking the secrecy rule
  • The “Humanizing” trick
  • Hoovering and its various “masks”

Buyers Guide to Good Psychotherapy

This video is designed to help people better navigate the twists, turns and complications of finding a therapist that is the right fit. It explains what the personal and relational thresholds are that should compel a person to seek professional help. It provides answers to "when, where, why, how and with whom do I need to get help?