Escaping Narcissistic Abuse - Stages 4 and 5 (5.5 hours) (MP3)

Escaping Narcissistic Abuse - Stages 4 and 5 (5.5 hours) (MP3)

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Preparing for The Narcissistic Storm: Stage 4 

Stage Four of the Ten Stage Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program empowers, educates, and guides embattled and often gaslit SLDs (codependents), so they can effectively set and keep boundaries while disengaging or terminating relationships with narcissists. In this seminar, you will learn how and why SLDs consistently and predictably fall victim to narcissistic abuse, and why it is nearly impossible to escape the vice-like grip of narcissistic abuse. You will learn about the manipulative and duplicitous strategies that narcissists use to easily render their victim-partners powerless. Power and control and manipulative strategies used to entrap and weaken SLD victims will be discussed.

You will learn about how a person’s Self-Love Deficit Disorder/SLDD (codependency) and narcissism interact. Neutralizing a narcissist’s debilitating stealthy engagement strategies will be taught. The interactional mechanics and consequences of placing boundaries on narcissists will be presented. Mastering this stage is analogous to becoming skilled at a “psychological chess game.” Predicting a narcissist’s “moves” helps the SLD escape narcissistic abuse.

Expect to learn the predictable manipulation, mind control, and power and control dynamics that narcissists use to entrap their victims. Without this proactive, educational, and supportive treatment stage, failure, relapse, and/or psychological harm will predictably befall the SLD. The now famous Observe, Don’t Absorb (ODA) Technique will be taught (800,000 YouTube videos views). Mastery of ODA enables SLDs to safely emotionally disconnect from the toxic “wrestling match” that the narcissist will do almost anything to keep them engaged in.

Setting Boundaries in a Hostile Environment: Stage 5

This is the Self-Love Recovery Stage when the “stuffhits the fan,” during which the prepared SLD moves confidently forward in their plan to escape narcissistic abuse and move closer to self-love abundance. In this stage, the SLD is confident, prepared, and appropriately frightened and nervous with their well-studied and rehearsed plan to set boundaries with people, who by definition, are going to resist and fight back with every bit of their dysfunctional abilities.

As a direct result of the lessons learned in the previous stage, SLDs are sufficiently prepared for the potentially harmful and dangerous reactions of the angered and more than likely agitated and dangerous narcissist. Since being “forewarned is forearmed,” this stage begins with Rosenberg’s “Surgeon General’s Warning,” which prepares SLDs for the pathological narcissist’s angry and retaliatory reactions to their newfound boundary-setting abilities, the potential for consequences and harm, while accurately predicting the wholescale loss of friends, loved ones, and family members.

One boundary at a time, the SLD begins to insulate and protect themselves, while for the first time, getting a taste of self-love, self-respect, and hope. SLDs are prepared for the “extinction response” or a last-gasp effort to do almost anything to return the SLD back to his/her former trapped relationship role and dysfunctional mental health patterns. Further disconnecting from the narcissist’s gaslighting and system manipulation is discussed. SLDD (codependency) addiction and relapse risks are discussed.

Stage 5 leaves few-to-no pathological narcissists “standing,” except those to whom the SLD has little choice but to remain connected—such as an elderly parent or a husband who controls the finances and/or children. The carefully executed uncoupling of the SLD/narcissist relationship, and the implementation of boundaries and safety measures, ensures the completion of this stage and the reaching of the next.

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