Paleopsychotherapy: Unearthing Trauma Fossils (3 Hours)

Paleopsychotherapy: Unearthing Trauma Fossils (3 Hours)

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Paleopsychotherapy and Trauma Fossils are powerful psychological metaphors that aptly communicate the complexity of buried childhood attachment trauma and the effective treatment of it.  Ross Rosenberg, a trauma, codependency and addictions expert, will explain why many presenting problems are actuality symptoms of deeper underlying psychological problems, which have long been relegated to the dark confines of one’s unconscious.

Codependency, for example, is rooted in childhood attachment trauma, which, over the years, has been covered up with layers of ‘sediment.” With each passing year, inaction and lack of attention to the original trauma results in successive layers of accumulated “sediment,” which, over time, eventually morphs into a harder rock-like boundary protecting the person from their forgotten and unresolved trauma. Because of the powerful natural forces of compaction, the original trauma eventually becomes “fossilized.”

With meticulous care, paleopsychotherapists carefully, cautiously and empathically dig down to the original layer of sediment where the trauma fossil has been ensconced. With the full attention to the trauma fossil, this form of psychotherapy aims to resolve the underlying problems that have previously been ignored, invisible or unresponsive to other forms of treatment.

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