Protection From The Narcissistic Storm (1.75 hours) (USB)

Protection From The Narcissistic Storm (1.75 hours) (USB)

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In this seminar, Ross focuses on elements of his "Preparing for The Narcissistic Storm" work, which happens to be Stage 6 of his 11-Stage Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program. This is not any normal “storm!” It’s a time, a place, and person when the codependent/SLD wishing to break free from their narcissist will encounter emotional, social, financial, personal battles.

Ross gives practical direction and explanations about setting boundaries with Pathological Narcissists. Such is crucial information for both the recovering codependent/SLD and practitioners treating them. 

This 1.75 hour seminar video is as inspirational as it is educating.  It provides essential information, instruction and inspiration to help brave codependents/SLDs to withstand their narcissist’s resistance as they push themselves forward, past their narcissistically abusive relationship, and toward Self-Love Abundance. 


  1. Importance of individual therapy
  2. Expectations management
  3. The importance of un-isolating yourself
  4. Demystify banking, investments, bills, etc.
  5. Finding a good attorney
  6. Avoid mediation
  7. Developing radar/ability to discern friend from foe
  8. Managing narc’s induced conversation
  9. Using the observe don’t absorb technique
  10. The Three-Strike Boundary Rule
  11. Conditioning narc’s can work enough
  12. Sex/intimacy prohibition
  13. Ross’s “Surgeon’s General Warning”