The Codependency Cure™: Recovering from Self-Love Deficit Disorder™ (MP3)

The Codependency Cure™: Recovering from Self-Love Deficit Disorder™ (MP3)

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  • Audio seminar for professional and laypeople.
  • Audio from live presentation, recorded and produced in March 2018. 
  • The PowerPoint presentation is included, in PDF format.
  • The “how to” for the Human Magnet Syndrome material and the basis for Rosenberg’s next (third) book.

This updated Codependency Cure™ seminar (version 4) is the follow-up to Rosenberg’s Human Magnet Syndrome work, delving deeper into codependency, its trauma and core shame origins.

This seminar represents the most modern and up-to-date thinking about codependency.  "Codependency,” is re-defined and re-conceptualized into “Self-Love Deficit Disorder (SLDD)™," which is a trauma, core shame, pathological loneliness, and addiction disorder. 

Not only will this seminar provide information about how to resolve a person’s life-time battle with SLDD, but it will also facilitate hope and optimism for both the codependent, SLD, and/or trauma practitioner, or the person struggling with these conditions.


  • Summarizing the Human Magnet Syndrome
  • Codependents (SLD’s) Cannot be Narcissists
  • Renaming “Codependency” to Self-Love Deficit Disorder (SLDD)
  • Review of The Ten Stage Self-Love Recovery Treatment Model
  • The Self-Love Deficit Disorder Pyramid
  • Attachment Trauma – The Cause of SLDD
  • Core Shame's Role in SLDD
  • Codependency Withdrawal, Addiction and Pathological Loneliness
  • Why sex and romance Is Prohibited During Certain Stages
  • Rosenberg’s Trauma Continuum
  • Setting Boundaries with Hostile and Dangerous Narcissists
  • Managing Narcissistic Injuries
  • Neutralizing Narcissistic Abuse
  • The Observe Don’t Absorb Technique
  • “Predictive Awareness:” Preparing to Set Boundaries with Pnarc’s
  • Power and Control Strategies Used by Narcissists to Control SLD’s
  • Resolving/Integrating Attachment Trauma
  • Paleonpsychotherapy: Treating Trauma by Unearthing Trauma Fossils
  • Transitioning from SLDD to Self-Love Abundance (SLA)
  • Developing a “Narcometer,” The Internal Narcissism Warning System
  • The Healing Properties of Sadness and Grief
  • Forgiveness Is a Choice, Not a Mandate
  • Self-Love Abundance and Spirituality
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