Pathological Narcissism Webinar

Finally, after seven months, I finished creating my first 3-series seminar, “The Fifty-Shades of Pathological Narcissism.” It was no easy task to conceive and create 18 hours of original and life-altering information on a topic that victims of narcissistic abuse and those treating them need to know. This project was inspired by my chronic dissatisfaction with and concerns over the deluge of inaccurate and/or misleading YouTube information by self-proclaimed narcissism and narcissistic abuse “experts.” Instead of complaining about it, I decided to create a comprehensive presentation on the subject.

I began this project by first reviewing the informational integrity of the “narcissism” and “narcissistic abuse" content posted on YouTube. With exception of some outstanding mental health contributors, my investigation revealed a scarcity of reliable and clinically accurate information. Instead, what I saw were hundreds of videos made by self-proclaimed experts who spoke with the authority of a professional expert but lacked the minimum education and experience to actually be one.

Many of these supposed leading authorities on mental health subjects parlayed their self-described heroic triumph over narcissistic abuse as evidence for their advanced levels of competency. Most of these “expert” content creators lack formal mental health education, professional experience, advanced training, or established mastery of one or more mental health subfields. Additionally, they are neither licensed nor certified by an accredited mental health oversite organization.

Such content creators, many of whom are well-meaning, have elevated themselves to an authority position and thus feel compelled to challenge, rebuke, and even reinvent research-validated and accepted concepts, theories, and treatment recommendations. In addition, the majority of the widely available content was based on highly variable and subjective interpretations by individuals who did not have the appropriate professional background. As a consequence, misinformation, judgment, sweeping generalization, and unsubstantiated recommendations are being provided by unqualified people to legions of traumatized, naïve, panicking, and desperate people.

Because many viewers are either not open to psychotherapy, have limited access, do not have resources near them, or cannot find narcissistic abuse specialists, they mistakenly assume such video creators are qualified, credentialed, and experienced mental health providers. Because these videos stir-up or activate traumatic memories with the accompanying harmful feelings and thoughts, aka Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, they can be more harmful than good.

Because so many victims of narcissistic abuse are desperately seeking help, they embrace these individuals as heroes and rescuers. Hence, these creators either purposely or unknowingly mislead desperate and vulnerable viewers, many of whom do not know how, or have not taken the time to determine the video creator’s credibility.

One of the most accepted criteria to be considered an “expert” is to have a professional certification that is open to almost anyone, which takes an average of six months to complete. The fact that most narcissism video creators referred to themselves as experts is nothing short of astonishing. The following summarizes the necessary professional background needed to consider oneself an “expert.”

  1. A graduate degree, certification, and licensing in the field of expertise.
  2. At least a decade or more of professional experience in the area one proclaims to be an expert.
  3. Possess reliable and effective skills/abilities that are recognized by the professional community as superior to the larger community.
  4. Ongoing supervision, education, and training in the field of expertise.
  5. Experiences and accomplishments that have been openly validated by peers in the professional community to be at an “expert” level.
  6. Authored books, articles and/or research on the topic of expertise.

Over the last eight years, I have noticed a trend in promoting a pure “victim” position while solely blaming the narcissist. I have concluded that it is easier to gain a foothold on YouTube by stoking anger and resentment than by addressing the underlying mental health problems that compel victims of narcissistic abuse to find and remain with narcissistically abusive partners.

These content creators often use their channels as bully pulpits where they rail against “despicable” and “loathsome” narcissists, while spewing out angry, vindictive, and finger-pointing vitriol disguised as life-changing advice. While the videos they create, at best, provide temporary pain relief for the victim of narcissistic harm, they often neglect to provide information and/or direction on how to solve their powerless attraction to narcissists. Not only is no viable long-term strategy offered to solve the codependent’s predictable attraction to narcissists, but they provide their “YouTube gasoline” to stoke a lifelong “fire storm” of victimization and continued narcissistic attraction.

It seems to me that some of these YouTube “narcissism” juggernauts are running out of ideas, as most of their videos are slightly revised and rehashed versions of their previous material. Catchy titles and charismatic and heart-warming presentations seem more desirable than the creation of practical, helpful information.

A person who relies on YouTube as their primary source of help for their very serious problem with narcissistic abuse, codependency, or what I call Self-Love Deficit Disorder™, must be careful about what they watch and to whom they listen. Even with this article’s claims, opinions, and advice, I strongly suggest that the reader consider the source, my professional background, and the supposed efficacy, validity, and reliability of the content provided. Only you can make this decision. There is a lot riding on it to be good!

In closing, I would like to briefly introduce my 3-series live “50-Shades of Pathological Narcissism” webinar, and later recorded videos. Now, more than ever, I am excited to talk about narcissism, narcissistic abuse, and my ground-breaking Codependency Cure material. Like my other educational and inspirational seminars, it is based on original content, theories, and clinical strategies/practices, while also being well-organized, comprehensive, interesting, and at times entertaining. It should be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Part 1: Pathological Narcissism and Narcissistic Abuse (09/25/21)

A comprehensive presentation on most aspects of Pathological Narcissism. In great detail, it covers the various Pathological Narcissism disorders, and the terrible harm caused by narcissistic abuse. Narcissistic, Borderline, and Antisocial Personality Disorders and their various subtypes will be discussed in detail. In addition, the problem of Narcissistic Abuse will be covered and the many ways it can manifest in a person with SLDD/Codependency.

Part 2: How and Why Codependents Get Trapped (10/16/21)

Explains why Codependents/SLDs almost always fall prey to cunning and manipulative narcissists. Relying on my Human Magnet Syndrome and Codependency Cure/Self-Love Recovery definitions/descriptions, theories, and explanations, I describe and explain why Codependents/SLDs predictably and reflexively fall prey to narcissistic abuse. Through a multilayered and highly organized presentation, the viewer will learn about the various psychological processes, strategies, and techniques that narcissists use to entrap their victims.

Conversely, the seminar addresses why Codependents/SLDs find themselves repeatedly in the “crosshairs” of their narcissist’s cunning and devious plans to hurt, entrap, and manipulate them. Topics like gaslighting, brainwashing, hoovering, “SLDD Addiction,” “Relationship Math,” and dozens more will be woven together to create the ultimate learning experience.

Part 3: How to Survive Narcissistic. Tools and Strategies (11/06/21)

This will be a very special and once-in-a-lifetime seminar as it is based on the practical “how to” and “what to do” information I have been promising to write about since the release of the 2013 edition of The Human Magnet Syndrome. It includes my “Codependency Cure” techniques, tools, and exercises that were specifically designed to empower and embolden recovering Codependents/SLDs to break free from their narcissist’s metaphorical “choke hold” on them, while forever ending their lifelong dysfunctional rollercoaster ride with a soulmate who quickly turned in a “cellmate.”

Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC