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Ross Rosenberg’s YouTube video content contains only small portions of knowledge and information that originated from his full-length (up to 6 hours) educational seminars available at the Self-Love Recovery Institute (SLRI). Although we are proud of Ross’s YouTube contributions, they are not intended to be a substitute for these comprehensive, educational, inspirational, and life-changing seminars, that are available in both video and audio format.    

The material contained in these full-length seminars were developed from Ross's own recovery from Self-Love Deficit Disorder (codependency) and his 33 years of experience as a psychotherapist, which led to the creation of his ground-breaking Human Magnet Syndrome, Self-Love Recovery Treatment, and Codependency Cure contributions.  

 We promise that these educational seminars seminars will help: 

  • TEACH the root causes of Codependency/Self-Love Deficit Disorder.
  • INSPIRE you to escape narcissistic abuse while breaking free from the trans-generational SLDD curse. 
  • UNDERSTAND why the "soulmate" of your dreams invariably transforms into the “cellmate” of your nightmares. 
  • GUIDE you through and past the inevitable twists, turns, and obstacles to imprison you into a lifetime of SLDD misery. 
  • APPLY Ross’s one-of-a-kind tips, tools, techniques, and strategies developed explicitly for the often misguided and seemingly trapped SLD/codependent.  
  • HEAL the Trauma, Core Shame, Pathological Loneliness, and SLDD Addiction common to every person suffering from SLDD 
  • REACH your birthright of Self-Love Abundance—The Codependency Cure™.

Not sure where to start? Please email us at, where we will be more than happy to guide you through Ross’s resources to help you find the audio or video product that is right for you!

Interested in more than one? We also offer discounted packages, such as the Introduction Package, Codependency Cure Package, and Pathological Narcissism Package.

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