Excerpt from “The Codependency Revolution:
Fixing What Was Always Broken (2024)” 
Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC

 The Outside Revolution

“…..As my typing fingers translated the circuitous exploratory processes of my mind, I realized I was writing a treatise on codependency. The source material would come from decades of my own codependency recovery, professional education, clinical practice with codependents, supervising and training codependency specialists, and my extensive writing on the subject. I would come to understand that such a bold undertaking would provide everything the world needed to know about codependency, from its humble beginnings to this complete do-over.

I wanted to “Start a revolution . . . a codependency revolution! Lead an insurgency over antiquated, obsolete, theoretically invalid, and patently incorrect information. Through kindness, compassion, and an unwavering dedication to accuracy and truth, create an uprising that may save the lives of millions of people!”

This was when my heart, mind, and vocal cords conspired to enunciate three simple but world-changing words: The Codependency Revolution. This inspired title would start a mold-breaking process to expose inaccuracies and falsities while bringing to light what the world—codependents and those treating it—needed to know about this never-understood malignant psychological condition. Finally, it must serve as a lightning rod for reform and change.’

‘…But a revolution won’t occur because of an evocative title and content. Even if it catches the attention of scholars, academics, psychotherapists, and other helping professionals, it still might not be enough. It will have to generate enough discontent and discomfort inside the hearts and minds of the world’s codependents so that they may consider embracing the cause.

This revolution will have to create enough zealous energy, commitment, and courage, so any codependent reading this book will have no choice but to join the movement and decide to stand up against oppression, suffering, and a symbolic form of indentured servitude.

The Inner Revolution

‘(the book) is meant to ignite the fire of your discontent while enticing you to start your own personal codependency revolt.’ 

Join Me

Consider joining this codependency revolution, where tens of thousands of besieged, discouraged, and beaten-down individuals have already found hope and refuge in my work. Like them, you will find the strength and courage to walk away from the dark and dank confines of your codependency imprisonment.’

This is your time to stand up, take stock of your life, and decide to revolt against the tyranny of your self-abandoning tendencies, your pathologically narcissistic captor, and the set of chains mercilessly placed on you, your life, and the future of you and your children.

Find the belief of what you thought was impossible, grab it, and never let it go! It has been a long time coming.

It is now your time.


Ross Rosenberg, M. Ed., LCPC, CADC, is a global thought leader and renowned expert in codependency, narcissism, narcissistic abuse, and trauma treatment. He is the Self-Love Recovery Institute’s CEO/owner and primary contributor.

His pioneering contributions to the mental health field include sweeping theoretical and practical updates (revision) on codependency, which he aptly renamed “Self-Love Deficit Disorder™.” He is renowned for his expert psychotherapy, public speaker/educator, and expert witness work.

Ross’s global success is illustrated by his 28 million YouTube video views and 285K subscribers. His “Self-Love Recovery” podcast is globally ranked at 2.5%, with downloads upwards of 150k. Aside from his 65K social media connections, he has been featured on hundreds of podcasts, radio, and national TV.

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